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A Look At Radio Controlled Boats And Why I Like Them

When I was a kid growing up here in Florida I went through a period of time when I wanted a radio controlled boat more than anything on earth. I have always loved the water and the idea of being able to race an RC boat on the local bay was exciting to me.

  • 1 Jul 2017

Buying a Fishing Boat May Be More Affordable Than You Think

Fishing from a boat is great fun for the whole family. It gives you access to those special fishing spots that can't be reached by land. Best of all, once you own a boat, every weekend is a family vacation. Many people are surprised by how affordable it is to buy a fishing boat.

  • 24 Jun 2017

Building Radio Controlled Boats - A Rewarding Challenge

For some reason, being able to control a miniature boat as it skims over the water of a local lake is something that many people find very appealing. It doesn't matter whether you are a kid or an adult; remote controlled boats are universally fun. On top of that, nothing is more fun than undergoing a huge and daunting project, and eventually seeing the results come through.

  • 13 Jul 2017
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  •   4 Jul 2017   Posted By Hattie T.   38 Favs   0 Comments

    Guide to Buying a Boat Trailer

    A boat trailer is something you really can't go wrong with, as it is a dual purpose device. It provides a convenient way to store the boat, and also allows you to explore new areas by taking your boat down the road. Good trailers must perform both duties equally well. Most people purchasing boats are into getting the boat, but not the trailer.

  •   30 Jun 2017   Posted By Thomas G.   18 Favs   0 Comments

    A Guide to Finding a Used Boat

    Finding the perfect Craig's List classified ad with the perfect boat for you, especially if you are a first time boater, may seem like a very difficult task to accomplish. To help you in your quest for the perfect boat, there are a few things you should know.

  •   8 Jul 2017   Posted By Helene B.   24 Favs   0 Comments

    Fast RC boats

    There are plenty of fun activities that you can do on the beach or while swimming in a swimming pool. You can invite some friends, add some beach balls and other inflatables to the mix and everyone will have a pretty good time. While these generic water activities have no shortage of fun, trying something a bit new can spice up the excitement.

  •   1 Aug 2017   Posted By Eddie M.   10 Favs   0 Comments

    Remote Control Sailboats

    When it comes to remote control sailboats, there are many options to choose from. You have authentic RC sailboats that are from some of the most modern sailing vessels in the industry, you have old fashioned pirate ships from days gone by. There are a number of catamarans to choose from and many other styles.

  •   30 Jun 2017   Posted By Kari D.   8 Favs   0 Comments

    Boat Rental Tips and Safety Information

    Boat rentals are an easy way to turn a dull weekend into an awesome one! When you take your responsibility on the water seriously, boating can be a safe and fun way to spend time with your family and friends. This article will provide you with information that can help you have a great boat rental experience from start to finish.

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14 Jul 2017
Posted By Lionel F.

Why Marine Battery Chargers are Critical for Boats

Going boating can be a great experience if you have taken the time to get marine battery chargers you can count on. You go through all of the trouble to make sure your boat is looking great and it's all gassed up. The weather is great and you've towed it down to the water's edge.Now you're ready to take it for a spin, but it won't start because the power source isn't properly charged. Battery chargers are one of the most important things that you need for your boat.
8 Jul 2017
Posted By Pauline W.

How Well Do you Dock Your Boat?

Each year, around this time, thousands of people start flocking to the waterways to enjoy a day of boating. While many are experienced boaters, there are plenty of first time boaters hitting the water... and the docks. Docking techniques are always going to be dependent upon the weather and wind conditions, but there are a few simple things you can keep in mind. First of all, especially in this particular case, practice makes perfect.
10 Jul 2017
Posted By Gwen B.

Things to Remember When Buying a Fishing Boat

The sun is about to rise and the weather is crisp. You pack your tackle box, grab your pole and buy some worms. You make your way to the fishing dock dreaming you had the perfect fishing boat so you were landlocked no more. Now that dream can become reality with these 4 easy tips for finding and purchasing the perfect fishing boat! Have a clear understanding of the purpose of the fishing boat.
11 Jul 2017
Posted By Danny W.

Tips for Using Remote Control Boats

When it comes to remote control boats, you are going to find that there are certain tips that can help you to enjoy the use of them. No matter if you are a first time user of RC boats or an advanced user you will find that these tips are going to be very effective for you.One of the first things that you will want to do with the remote control boats that you have is to safely check the range that you have.
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9 Jul 2017
Posted By Norbert O.

Boating And Towing Safely

Buying a boat is a real delight and is sure to bring anyone many fond memories with their loved ones. However, it is also a major job to own a boat and to drive it safely. For the most part, the vast majority of purchasers do indeed run their schooner within safety advisements and never cause anyone to be in any danger. While it is a very critical to manage a boat safely, it is also paramount to haul your boat with safety in mind as well.
28 Jul 2017
Posted By Arjun M.

Boats For Sale By Owner - Where To Find Them

If you want to bypass the hefty commission fees charged by boat and yacht brokers you may want to consider going to one of the buy owner sources. We have some like this in my local area but you can find numerous locations online such as Ebay and iBoats.There is a large selection of vessels of all kinds and all sizes to be found online and you can buy them straight from the owner. This will also expose you to a wide variety of styles you may not have seen before.
13 Jul 2017
Posted By Gilbert B.

Water Purifier for Boating Safety

Of course you want to be safe on your boat, so you've got rope, life vests, emergency flares, a GPS. But did you think about a water purifier? Humans get dehydrated in a matter of hours. Dehydration can cause weakness, dizziness and disorientation. In a boating emergency these symptoms can be dangerous. Of course, severe dehydration can be life threatening by itself. A person will die in three days, on average, without water.
22 Jul 2017
Posted By Earl Y.

Boating Events - Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade

All over the United States, if not the world there are annual Christmas Boat parades. I know when I lived in Sarasota, Florida there was a great one there and even in the small town of Navarre where I live now we have a pretty good Christmas Boat Parade. But ours is minuscule in proportion to that of the one in Newport Beach California.
12 Jul 2017

Jet Engine Strapped to Boat - Jetboating in New Zealand! Play On! in 4K! | DEVINSUPERTRAMP

Check out the Behind The Scenes here: https://youtu.be/4piUkH6qyL4 Huge thanks to 100% Pure New Zealand for giving us the opportunity to film here!

7 Jul 2017

Candela Speed Boat Introduction

Follow the progress on candelaspeedboat.com or join our group on Facebook: ...

25 Jun 2017

Nautical Terms | Boating

Ahoy Matey, Boating Products off the Starboard Bow! Sailor Costume for Dogs and Cats: http://amzn.to/1QfQr8m Dry Bag Sack, Waterproof Floating Dry Gear ...

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